Get Great Deals While Helping The OVLF!

If you shop online - and these days just about everyone does - we have come up with a way for you to get great deals and help generate proceeds for the Overcome Vision Loss Foundation. Simply go to this website and shop for what you normally would. The store is set up through Amazon, and the prices are exactly the same as if you went directly to the Amazon website. The only difference is by going through this online store, the Overcome Vision Loss Foundation receives a percentage of the gross sales.

Our funds are being used in several ways at the moment:

1. Raising the funds to provide eSight technology to those with vision loss (check out these Youtube videos about it)

2. To bring together the leading eye researchers and clinicians to develop a clinical practice guideline addressing vision loss after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

3. To educate the public about the magnitude of vision loss in our country (Few people know that the Centers for Disease Control named vision loss as one of the top ten disabilities in our country several years ago).

We would be most grateful if you would use this site for any on-line shopping you do AND to please share this information with your family and friends so we can work more aggressively to improve lives!

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A Closer Look

• 7 of 10 people with severe vision loss are unemployed

• 80 percent of people with severe vision loss experience chronic depression

• Visually impaired veterans are 10 times more likely to commit suicide than any other type of disabled veteran

• Total cost of vision loss exceeded $50 billion in 2007

• Roughly 21.5 million adult Americans have trouble seeing

• One in three youths under 25 are currently obese and a large percentage will suffer from vision loss

Our Services:

The goals of the Overcome Vision Loss Foundation include:

• Serving as advocates for those with vision loss from any reason

• Targeting causes of preventable or reversible vision loss

• Supporting research on quality of life to speed societal changes in public policy and legislation

• Serving as a primary source of information for all such research

Our Blog

The OVLF Blog keeps up on news and developments involving those dealing with vision loss. Take a look, and if you like, leave a comment...


Meet The Board

Vast experience from many different viewpoints and backgrounds make up the Overcome Vision Loss Foundation's Board Of Directors.


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